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We are passionate about good quality treatment.   Our background in Myotherapy guarantees you so much more than the average remedial massage session.   Our speciality is intelligent deep tissue treatment that changes the way you move and feel. Slow, sustained pressure unwinds any knots or bands, allowing you to focus on life – not pain.

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To fully resolve your pain, you will need to understand it. Treatment will take away the pain short term. Education and rehab will solve the issue long term.

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“Hey mate.  I just want to say another massive thanks for all the work you put into me…Never been happier at the moment.  Havent’ missed a game this year and even played my 100th game on the weekend with big Lloydy.” – Alex Moore

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Don’t just take our word for it. Read the stories of people that had tried conventional Physio/Myo/Chiro before they found success with our model.

If we had to pick the condition we specialise in, it’s Osteitis Pubis. We deliver a rehab program specifically tailored to OP and SPD in Melbourne.

If you’re overseas, you can complete our OP Program via Skype through our sister clinic, The OP Clinic. If you can make it to Melbourne, take the first step, book in for a consult and let us show you how to fix the issue for good.

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